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We've  all heard fitness professionals talk about how important nutrition is, but how many of them actually model their service around that concept.  I've been certified by  the largest private nutrition coaching and research company in the world.  This gives me the ability to offer my clients a specialized program , that focuses exactly on what they need to change their life.  This is not a diet, supplement, or product that I want to sale.  This is real coaching , designed to give you good habits that you will be able to keep for the rest of your life.   With my online consulting program you will be coached on how to master your nutrition and develop an exercise program that you are comfortable with and enjoy. In addition to fitness and nutrition, I offer guidance in other area such as handling cravings, stress, time management, and mental health, these are all areas that we all struggle with as young professionals.  The key to optimal health is understanding the importance of balancing physical, mental and spiritual health.  I am here to help you do that. Leave  me a messagefor more details on how my lifestyle consulting program works.




Benefits of online coaching

Many people dismiss the idea of online training for various reasons, but when you're working with one of the better online trainers, it can actually turn out to work better for you than a traditional trainer.  Here are some of the benefits you may be overlooking: 

  • No time or location constraints - We all understand how hard it can be to sync schedules with a gym and trainer these days.  Having an online trainer gives you access to your workout plan and nutrition coaching , right in your phone or laptop. 
  • Access to an expert trainer - Instead of being stuck with whichever trainer your gym has available at that time, you can search out a trainer who has a proven track record of getting results for people just like you.  This is extremely helpful if you are seeking expertise in a particular field. 
  • Cost Effective - This is one of the most obvious benefits. You're going to pay the same amount if not more, for one in person session with an expert trainer, than you would for an entire month of online coaching.  I learned this lesson first hand in my years in the industry, because of a packed schedule as a traveling trainer, it became less and less possible for me to offer in person training.  
  • More Comprehensive Service - With one on one training , often  times you don't know anything about the quality of service you're going to receive until you're weeks in.  You see this trainer once a week and never hear from them again until the next session.  I'm offering around the clock customer support, its going to be tough finding this kind of service from an on site or independent personal trainer.

*This Innovative program is only $99 a month, or $899 for a year long transformation.


the first month is a free trial period. You have nothing to lose, sign up for your free trial now.


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