My Story...

My name is Reginald Baum, after studying exercise science and fitness programming in college I got my first job as a trainer in 2007.  I bounced around from gym to gym looking for the ideal situation to start a career, until I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to take a different approach.  The style and ideas I had about personal training did not fit in well with large franchise gyms.  I wanted to focus more on helping my clients, than locking them into the largest contract possible.  I wanted to help my clients in all the areas they were struggling with, not just train them for a half an hour and see them next week. Unlike many of trainers who work for these gyms, I wanted to make a full time career out of health and fitness.  I knew this would require building strong relationships with clients, and focusing on helping them in all areas of health and fitness.  I realized that each client had a different set of challenges and circumstances, and I had to take a holistic approach when it came to getting them to achieve the results they wanted. I now work with busy profesionals from all over the world, to help them improve thier overall health, and boost productivity.